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Virtual private servers are ideal to host your project. Quality, safety and stability granted. SSD and HDD disk available.
Web Hosting
Create your website and host it with us in our DDoS protected nodes. Easily manage your page with cPanel at no extra cost.
Do you want to install / update software and you don’t know how? Contact us and at a reduced cost, we will help you.
Domain registration
Register your domain with us. Including domain extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .de, .es, .pt, .eu, .uk and more.

Included with all plans

We're live to support you

At Eterhost you’ll find the most reliable support staff who are available 8 hours a day on live chat and the rest of the day via support ticket or on the social networks. During weekends and holidays you'll still find us despite not being online on live chat.

Protected against DDoS attacks

Malicious competition trying to take down your services? Much hatred against your successful project? Sleep well at night with industry leading DDoS mitigation able to take heavy attacks. On our web hosting plans, layer 7 protection is also included.

Keep your dog's name private

Protect your privacy with our no hassle order form. We don't want to know your dog's name nor your cat's (we already know it's Bobby and Kitten, whatelse...)

Many alternatives of payment

Pay your hosting package with the payment method you find yourself most comfortable with such as Paypal, Paysafecard, Bank Transfer, Sofort, and many other choices! New pricing also makes it easier for you to pay with certain methods.

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